Friday, August 25, 2017

200 Items Or Less: Late Phases (2014)

A few thoughts: Werewolf movies are probably the hardest horror staples to get right. Modern audiences don't find werewolves scary, and few filmmakers are able to make them work as strong action or drama movies. Well, Late Phases finds perfect blend and does it all with cool Rick Baker-esque special effects, a sharp script, and a truly unique central lead. Nick Damici wonderfully plays a blind veteran who recently moved into an elderly community, and after dog gets killed (of course), he begins to suspect it was a werewolf whodunnit. The way the movie allows him to solve this is natural, and the way he interacts with people and develops as a character throughout is great. The pacing is wonderful, and all the non-werewolf scenes are every bit as important and entertaining, making it a breeze to sit through. The lighting and music are also top notch, with my only complaint being some of the werewolves look a little silly, and a few scene transitions are slightly clunky. But as a whole, this is an awesome and tense movie that I enjoyed a great deal.

Who would I recommend it to? People who can appreciate a good werewolf action/horror/fantasy with some crazy practical effects.

My grade: A-

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