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Top 10 Faeries in Magic: The Gathering

Getting it right out of the way, I am not counting Bitterblossom on this list. In spite of the fact it is a tribal faerie spell, and it generates faeries, this list is for creature cards only. However, if I did choose to count it, I think a top 5 slot wouldn't be out of the question.

Now, this list, as previously stated, is all about creature cards. With an emphasis on tribal cards for the most part, but additionally just how well the cards work in whatever deck they are intended for. I play mono-blue faeries, so this list is going to be biased, but with that being said, I have a pretty good idea how all these cards work best. So here we go.

10. Oona's Blackguard

Filling in a necessary role in any rogue deck, this is one that only semi-applies to the faerie tribal theme, just because not all faeries are rogues. But in a black faerie/rogue deck, this card can make a huge difference very early on, bolstering up your creatures while also adding early game draw power. Pretty damn good for 2 mana.

9. Wee Dragonauts

Yes, this is the only red faerie in the game, which definitely restricts its use in any kind of tribal faerie deck, but that doesn't mean it isn't a potentially powerful card in the right deck. Kind of like a flying Kiln Fiend, in an instant/sorcery-heavy red/blue deck, this card can easily win you the game without any other creatures on the field.

8. Mistbind Clique

A 4/4 flier for 4 mana is nothing to scoff at, and though casting it does come at a minor sacrifice, you get the added bonus of the flash effect and being able to lock down your opponent's lands for a turn. If this card enters the battlefield at the right time, it can seriously mess with your opponent's entire game.

7. Glen Elendra Liege

A fairly straight forward black/blue liege card that boosts up all of your creatures of the right color (because this card is racist), this is a very necessary card in the UB faerie decks that actually want to do some damage. I don't personally have much use for it (again, I play mono blue), but this card can easily make the difference across the board.

6. Cloud Of Faeries

The best classic faerie card (he's from way back in the "Summon Creature" days), this guy is essentially a free 1/1 flier that you can also cycle out for 2 mana if you don't need the extra creature. Insanely useful in a bounce deck with cards like Faerie Impostor and a couple others that will be featured shortly, there's really nothing to say no to about a free creature that can even generate mana for you, since it allows you to untap any 2 land cards you control.

5. Vendilion Clique

A 3/1 flier for 3 mana is already fairly strong in its own right, but you add in its ETB effect, and you have yourself a diverse and sometimes game-changing card. You can either look at your opponent's hand and sift out one of their cards (also giving them a new card on draw, but that usually doesn't hurt too much), or you can use it on yourself, and filter through your hand a bit and draw yourself. Either way, this is a very useful card, even if not quite strong enough to be worth as much money as they still cost.

4. Quickling

2 mana for a 2/2 flier with flash on its own is really good. The trick here, is making his other ability work properly. In the wrong deck, this is basically a useless card, but he can easily be turned into damage prevention, or allow other creatures you control with powerful ETB effects to shine. This is one of the most clever cards you will ever need to use, but when you need it, there's really nothing to compare.

3. Glen Elendra Archmage

As a creature, this dude is pretty weak. 4 mana for a 2/2 flier on its own is pathetic, to say the least. But with the ability to pay 1 mana and sacrifice it, you can intimidate and derail your opponents plans. That makes this a pretty useful card, but when you take persist into account, he just comes right back and does it again. Paired with Quickling, Faerie Impostor, Unsummon, or any other bounce card in your deck, this guy can be the bane of any deck that relies on its non-creature spells.

2. Scion of Oona

At worst, this is a fairly standard lord with a slight downside (hexproof would be a vast improvement over shroud), but at best, this is the card that can mean the difference between every creature you control getting themselves killed, or doing the killing themselves. With its flash effect, you can throw this guy onto the field at any point, suddenly giving you an edge, and even better, one that actually sticks beyond the end of the turn. It also can be used as spell prevention, protecting your faeries from anything that's thrown at them. Again, shroud has its downsides, but the up-sides of this card more than outweigh them.

1. Spellstutter Sprite

To anyone expecting anything different at the #1 spot, I ask you: why? This is one of the most irritatingly useful cards in any faerie deck's arsenal. If used properly, and with bounce back cards like the ones previously mentioned, this card can derail almost anything, and continue to do so as long as you have the ability to return it back to your hand. And even if you only get it out that once, you still wind up with a cheap 1/1 flier that you can flash in and only adds to your ranks for future Spellstutters. More than any other faerie in the game, this is the one that I would always recommend people utilize more. It's quick, cheap, easy, inexpensive to buy (which definitely helps out budget deck-builders), and relentlessly effective. Easily my favorite faerie in the game, and absolutely perfect for any faerie deck: blue, black, or both.

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