Saturday, June 17, 2017

200 Items Or Less: The Vampire Lovers (1970)

A few thoughts: Few things make me feel as perverted as sitting in the dark watching a smutty vampire movie with plenty of boobs, but there's also something very satisfying about it -- especially since the most recent movie I recall having seen (Nekromantik) was one so utterly devoid of pleasure or entertainment. Here we have a pair of sexy vampire ladies and a relatively minor appearance by Peter Cushing, which automatically makes this movie in the very least watchable. I didn't get much from this storywise, but the gore was satisfying, the women were attractive, and I got to watch possibly my favorite actor do his thing and behead people. Can't say I was disappointed at all. When it comes to Hammer films this wouldn't come near my top 10 (top 20 would even be pushing it), but I can't say I blame anyone who says this is among their favorites. It has its charms, it has sex appeal, it has blood, and it has Peter Cushing. What more could a growing boy need?

Who would I recommend it to? Hammer fans, Cushing acolytes, and fans of women who have pleasing boobs to look at.

My grade: C+

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