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Top 10 Performances by Christopher Lloyd

There comes a time in every man's life where he realizes that, despite his desire to host a podcast, he might not be well-suited to it. It's nothing to be ashamed of, and maybe it's just not the right time for it, but regardless, I have decided that it is just not something I will be attempting to force myself into working on just yet. I may post a few every now and then but it's not something I will be doing for cereal. Now, I still plan on writing some. That's what I'm doing now! So here is my next top 10 performances list: Christopher Lloyd.

10. Clue: The Movie [1985]

Though his performance is somewhat sidelined by the other flashier members of the cast, Lloyd is still a joy to watch as the pipe-smoking Professor Plum. It's still weird to me that this movie was as good as it was, and while Tim Curry ultimately steals the show, Lloyd (who is an excellent show-stealing actor himself) takes on this reserved performance and really makes it work.

Just because it's based on a board game doesn't mean the movie needs to leave you board. Lawl pun.

9. Angels In The Outfield [1994]

Yes, this movie is essentially schmaltzy crap that is bound to be hated by anyone who didn't grow up watching it, but guess what? I grew up watching it, and thinking about this movie makes me happy. And Christopher Lloyd is the face of this movie. He's fun, energetic, and memorable. Who cares if he is silly in it? The whole damn movie is silly, it's more fun that way.

Not to mention he is an angel and he totally steals some guy's hat. #BADASSSSSS

8. Over The Garden Wall [2014]

I just finally watched this series, and man was it good. Creepy, fun, exciting, and totally imaginative, this mini series succeeds in almost every way, and the incredible voice acting is definitely a part of "every". Lloyd gives a mysterious performance as a woodsman who keeps you wondering from beginning to end jus where he stands. Creepy and shockingly effective.

And don't you dare say "voice acting isn't real acting", you retarded retards. That's like saying acting isn't real acting.

7. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Hurray for crazies! This one is going to be introduced with one of the biggest no brainer statements I will make for a week: Jack Nicholson I'd the highlight of the movie. Ok, now that's out of the way. Phew, so embarrassing. Lloyd, even being the crazy awesome genius that he is, isn't given many literally insane roles to play. And even being one of the first movies of his career (I would fact check, but wikipedia doesn't sound fun right now), he performs like an actor who really has his act together. He's loud, a little scary, and very memorable in this supporting role.

An actor so wacky, he can out-crazy Jack Nicholson. All the Oscars.

6. Anastasia [1997]

The second voice-only performance on this list (because Lloyd is an excellent voice actor), and this time, instead of playing a mysterious lamp-carrying enigma who you are never really sure about the motivations of until the end, he plays over-the-top villain of the '90s version 2.0 and totally nails it. Though the kiddies will undoubtedly prefer his idiotic bat sidekick Bartok, I find Lloyd's cartoonish (nyuk nyuk) Rasputin to be 90% of the appeal of this movie. Sadly, he didn't do his own singing for his song, but that's forgivable, just because it gave Jim Cummings a little more work.

Plus, just look at him, he doesn't even look like Lloyd at all! ACTING!

5. The Addams Family [1993]

With a cast this incredibly awesome (Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christina Ricci, that old bitch, the crazy German lady, etc.) it is hard for anyone to stand out. And while I see Huston as the standout, Lloyd manages to take the role from being an irritating Stooge-Curly knockoff and elevates it to being *actually* entertaining. Sometimes I forget it is Lloyd in this movie (mostly because BALD) and that is a very good sign of a strong performance. But due to the nature of this movie, it always does kind of feel like a performance, which is why it isn't any higher on the list. Still very fun, and totally unforgettable.

Bald! No hair at all! Look at that acting! Daaaaayum!

4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? [1988]

What can be said about this awesome villain that hasn't already been said a million times before? Lloyd is menacing, handles the daunting and mysterious nature of the character perfectly, and when he needs to flip on the crazy switch, he turns it up to 11. This is one of those iconic villains that will never be anything but amazing. You go, Christopher.

When I think of awesome over-the-top villains, I think of ones that are just...LIKE...THIS!!!

3. Dennis The Menace [1993]

A performance that could easily be dismissed as silly or stupid or whatever, but those people who say such hurtful things about my precious Cwistopher are just poopy buttfaces. Though I will admit it is definitely not a conventionally "good" performance, Lloyd's hilariously greasy criminal is easily the best thing about this movie. And Walter Matthau is in the movie, so you know that's pretty legit. He's very grody and extremely icky. And totally perfect.

See how icky he is? Mmhmm, that's right. Because ACTING.

2. Back To The Future [1985]

And this is the part of the list that will make people go "whaaaaaa?!?" like Professor Farnsworth. How could Doc Brown not be #1? Are you the Devil? Are you Lucifer? Are you related to Hitler? You deserve death, death at a stake! A burning stake! You bastard, how could you? WHYYY?!? Or, you know, something like that. Drama queens, it's just a list, try calming down a little, you're gonna go blind from all that stress. Doc Brown is a screen icon, a performance that perfectly demonstrates Lloyd's manic comedic prowess like no other. He draws you in, delivers tons of great and memorable lines, and even has the perfect hair-do for the crazy scientist character. One of the best characters by one of the best character actors.

Seriously though, that did he not win an Oscar for actually making that hair work?

1. Twenty Bucks [1993]

Though Doc Brown has definitely left a deeper impact on film as a whole, the character of his that has really stuck with me and impressed me most with his skills as an actor was his performance as Jimmy. Though he only has maybe 10 minutes of screen time, what he does here is a very telling sign of his ability to totally command a movie when given the material to do so. His daunting, relaxed performance is so engrossing, the rest of the movie could basically stop as soon as he shows up and I would've been totally cool to just sit there and watch him do his thing for the next hour and a half. Honestly, to fans of Lloyd, I would recommend just finding his clips on youtube, and sitting down to watch them right now. He is that good. And the segment of the movie he appears in is actually really great. As an actor that most people could only see as a comedic performer, this is the movie that helped to solidify his standing as a great actor, period. A strong supporting role gifted to the perfect actor to play it.

Seriously, he was incredible in this movie. Just watch it for him.

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