Sunday, May 21, 2017

VFX favorites: Alien (1979)

The first in a series of small posts highlighting my favorite VFX in movies. I'm not necessarily claiming these are the greatest ever, but they are the ones I find myself admiring the most.

With a creature designed by H.R. Giger and incredible sets (along with brilliant camera trickery), Alien still holds up as one of the greatest achievements in visual effects history. Plot, characters, and execution aside this is a fantastic movie for its visuals alone, utilizing practical creature effects to their fullest potential. Unlike the 2017 Alien movie that would've had outdated effects were it made 10 years ago, the original in the series proves yet again the tangibility and longevity of doing things the old fashioned way. It doesn't just look great, it looks better than most modern movies, because it doesn't rely on suspending your disbelief to find the creature terrifying. It's a physical threat because it never looks like it isn't actually there -- as is the problem with many CG-based movie creatures.

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