Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My 5 favorite things about... A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I just looked at the second Elm Street movie, Freddy's Revenge, and was relatively surprised by how much I liked it the second time around. So what do I think of this, the third in the series? Well, it's often considered one of the best of the series, but I think I actually liked the first two better. You can almost place this blame solely on Patricia Arquette, who just might give the worst performance in the entire series. Still, there are a lot of original ideas here, and I'll be going into some of the things I really liked about it here in a sec. But first, look at this sweet-ass poster.


A young girl named Kristen is admitted to a mental hospital after a supposed suicide attempt that was actually the result of an attack by Freddy. There, she meets several other kids suffering from sleep issues brought on by Freddy and a new intern at the hospital, who just so happens to be Nancy from the first film. Together, they all try to find a way to put a stop to Freddy once and for all.

If you enjoy the first movie but not the second one, I would recommend this movie for you. It feels much more like the original (and even a little Stephen King-esque), and a lot to people prefer it to the first sequel. Alright, let's do this.

5. That black kid

It's hard to say this in a way that doesn't across as stupid or weirdly racist, but I love when black characters are in horror movies. So many times I find myself only enjoying watching black people in horror movies because, let's face it, white people in horror movies are kind of idiots. But instead of just being smart and not "going in there!", this kid is just funny to watch. He doesn't have much to do, but I enjoy him in every scene he's in, and is one of the only funny aspects of this movie at all, especially when he's trying to irritate Freddy.

4. Dreamworld transformations

This bit applies to two of the other kids in this movie, one of which turns into one of the most ridiculous looking punk rock girls ever in the dreamworld, and the other turns into a freaking wizard. It's hard to even describe how ridiculous this stuff comes across, especially considering how straight the rest of the movie plays it. These parts are meant to be triumphant or something, but they're just too stupid to be anything but funny to me. And as I mentioned earlier, this movie is somewhat lacking in the humor department, so they were welcome stupid moments.

3. Lighting and set design

The Elm Street movies are known for having a really cool aesthetic, and this one is a strong example of that. The look and feel of this movie is one of the finer aspects of it (from a strictly technical perspective, this is probably the best thing about the movie), which ultimately winds up kind of distracting you from the bad acting. That's always helpful, especially when you cast Patricia Arquette in your movie...seriously, she's so terrible it hurts. But luckily even when she's the only character onscreen, the rest of the movie is so visually interesting you don't need to be irritated at how much she sucks.

2. The creepy nun (Nan Martin)

Up until The Conjuring 2, this was possibly the most unsettling nun in movies. She doesn't really *do* anything, but the few brief scenes she appears in are easily the creepiest parts of the movie for me, and it's almost entirely because of this woman's acting. Very reserved, but when you watch her you can't help but to be a little freaked out. Whenever you don't fully trust a supernatural character like this is in a movie, you're left with that little chill running up and down your spine in anticipation on what might happen. Granted, in a movie like this you're not bound to see anything that's actually that creepy, but when she's around, I was very nervous. No, this isn't something that is bound to freak you out too much or anything I just know I enjoyed these scenes quite a lot.

1. '80s hair, '80s makeup, '80s effects...everything '80s

I mentioned something like this in my last post about the previous Elm Street movie, but watching this movie is made all the more entertaining by the fact that it is such a product of the '80s and could never be mistaken as anything else. The dream transformations I mentioned earlier are so over the top and ridiculous, the effects here were starting to get more technological and done in post (as opposed to the practical stuff from the first one), and instead of being effective and cool like in the first two, the look and style of this stuff is almost cute. The kid shooting wizard lightning out of his hands still makes me laugh when I think about it. The girl with the 2-foot mohawk and dual switchblades also gets me giggling. I love '80s movies, and this one features a lot of the cheesiness I love about them.

No, this isn't mind blowing and isn't one of the very best in the series as a lot of people say, but it does feel a lot more like the first film, and is mostly entertaining. The acting is mostly pretty bad, there isn't as much humor here as the other movies, but it's a creative premise, has some awesome visuals, and a few pretty creepy scenes. Didn't love it, but I enjoyed it.

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