Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top 10 Movies of 1954

SPOILER ALERT: This is a list of my top 10 movies of 1954. That means as the list goes higher, the movies will get better and better. Isn't that crazy?

10. The Wild One

An early, iconic rebel movie with memorable performances by Brando and Marvin. Not a great film, but a very solid one.

9. The Caine Mutiny

Mostly notable for its fine performances (Bogart being particularly impressive), The Caine Mutiny is a solid drama, with a strong conclusion.

8. Executive Suite

With a strong lead in William Holden and an excellent supporting Fredric March role, Executive Suite is different in the fact that it features no musical score. Very stripped down, basic, and effective.

7. Gojira

Surprisingly well-done (despite its obvious silliness), the original Godzilla is every bit as entertaining as it is memorable.

6. Sansho The Bailiff

Not on the same level as his previous film, Ugetsu, Kenji Mizoguchi was still at the top of his game when he made this incredible drama. Sansho is a Japanese film that it simply not to be missed.

5. Rear Window

Hitchcock at his best is about as good as anyone else, and though Rear Window may not be his very best, it's still really close. Fine performances, great pacing, and a thrilling climax make this one fantastic film.

4. La Strada

Fellini's most accessible, heartfelt, and possibly most well-acted feature, La Strada features strong performances from its two leads, and never overstays its welcome.

3. Dial 'M' For Murder

Much less well-known than Rear Window, this Hitchcock film is just as tense, well-written, and has a decent sense of humor as well. Ray Milland is terrific.

2. On The Waterfront

Arguably one of the greatest films of the 1950s, Elia Kazan's fantastic crime drama has one of the strongest casts in film history, and quite possibly the greatest performance of Marlon Brando's illustrious career. Not to be missed.

1. Seven Samurai

The penultimate samurai epic, Akira Kurosawa somehow found a way to make 200 minutes pass by as if it were only 2 hours. With incredible performances, great pacing, and thrilling action choreography, Seven Samurai may not be my favorite by Kurosawa, but is still one of the best movies I've ever seen. Has a good argument to be called one of the greatest films of all-time.

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