Saturday, March 9, 2013

Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

2012 was an upsetting year for movies. Almost every movie I was looking forward to was a letdown, and quite frankly, very few other things impressed me much either. 2013 may be different, with its wider variety of dramatic releases from younger filmmakers. Okay, so there are about 350 sequels slated to be released over the next 9 months, but they aren't the ones I'm looking forward to.

Anyway, without dragging this on any longer, here are the 12 movies I'm most anticipating in 2013.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues
Why: Because, like pretty much everyone else in the world, I really loved Anchorman. I doubt it will be anywhere close as good, but I would still love to see if they can repeat the success of the original.

The Conjuring
Why: After directing Saw and Insidious, James Wan has proven himself to be one of the very best horror directors of our time. It looks like the kind of movie that is right up my wheelhouse.

Evil Dead
Why: From all I've read about it, this could very well be the most gory movie to come out for quite some time. Want.

Why: Alfonso Cuaron's last directorial effort, Children Of Men, is one of the greatest sci-fi movies of the last 20 years. Sandra Bullock is certainly not my favorite, but George Clooney is still a draw.

Labor Day
Why: Jason Reitman has directed 4 excellent movies in a row, so it would be safe to assume his 5th would be about the same. And this one has Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, so you could also expect some top-notch acting.

Man Of Steel
Why: Just watch the trailer. This looks like it could be one of the coolest superhero movies out there, and I don't even like Superman.

Monuments Men
Why: I read the synopsis and all I can think is "wow, George Clooney really wants Oscars". But that doesn't change the fact that it could turn out really, really good if he pulls it off right. Also, it has a great cast.

Why: I loved the original, and though I don't care for Spike Lee (annoying racist...), I do like Brolin, and would be interested to see what adjustments they might make to the story.

Only God Forgives
Why: Okay, this is right near the top of my most anticipated. Refn is on a roll, and this one sounds like the right balance of dark and exciting. Can't wait to see it, I think this is going to be "the movie" of 2013.

Pacific Rim
Why: Guillermo Del Toro doesn't direct bad movies, and you look at the trailer and think "wow, this looks like Transformers". Now, imagine Transformers was actually a good movie. That's right: totally awesome.

The Place Beyond The Pines
Why: Directed by the guy who did Blue Valentine, starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. Maybe it will just be typical drama, but I don't know, I can see it being much more. I guess we'll see.

12 Years A Slave
Why: Last, but certainly not least, the third directorial effort by Steve McQueen, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, and Brad Pitt. Fassbender alone is enough to get me in the door. I think it could be great.

Since I very lazily chose not to include any images on this post (or my last, if I recall), I will leave you with this image of a very adorable smiling duck.

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