Saturday, October 22, 2011

2012 Oscar Predictions: Best Director

Almost by default the category that will be filled with the highest-profile Oscar frontrunners. As always, these aren't the movies I think "should" be nominated, but the ones I think will. Here it goes:

1. Michel Hazanavicius
The Artist

Despite the fact that it's not really what I would call typical Oscar material, I feel that it is easily the Best Director frontrunner.

- 95% chance

2. Stephen Daldry
Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

Daldry's last 3 directorial efforts have earned him Best Director nominations, so another nomination here would not be unexpected at all.

- 85% chance

3. Alexander Payne
The Descendants

The movie itself may be too comedic for there to be much of a chance for a nomination here, but I think it's going to get one anyway.

- 80% chance

4. Terrence Malick
The Tree Of Life

Maybe it's the fact that it's a one-of-a-kind movie that is already guaranteed several Oscars in the visual categories, but I think Malick has a real chance of a nomination here.

- 75% chance

5. Clint Eastwood
J. Edgar

No, the trailer is weak at best, but how can the Academy resist Eastwood AND DiCaprio? This may be Eastwood's best year since 2004.

- 70% chance

Other potential nominees:

6. Steven Spielberg
War Horse

I don't think this movie looks like it will be good enough to deserve the awards it will undoubtedly get, but it will get them anyway, and so will Spielberg.

- 45% chance

7. Bennett Miller

Do I really think he stands a chance? Not really, but I have him on here anyway, because I want to believe he has a chance.

30% chance



Winding Refn is getting a nomination. There's no doubt about it.

Jeff SC said...

I didn't even think of him. I don't know about Drive's fate just yet. I think I'll need to wait a few months before I just to many conclusions about what it will be nominated for.