Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top 100 Actors: Part X (#10-1)

And it all comes down to this... It's going to be a relief not having any more of these to do, but it was fun for me, and I hope the same could be said for you. Thank you everyone for sticking with me this far, and I hope my finale won't be too great a letdown for all of you.

10. Peter O'Toole

Top 5 Performances:
1. The Lion In Winter [1968]
2. The Stunt Man [1980]
3. Becket [1964]
4. The Ruling Class [1972]
5. Lawrence Of Arabia [1962]
6. Venus [2006]
7. My Favorite Year [1982]
8. Goodbye, Mr. Chips [1969]
9. Ratatouille [2007]
10. Murphy's War [1971]

9. Al Pacino

Top 5 Performances:
1. The Godfather Part I, II, & III [1972, 1974, & 1990]
2. Dog Day Afternoon [1975]
3. Glengarry Glen Ross [1992]
4. Scent Of A Woman [1992]
5. ...And Justice For All [1979]
6. Serpico [1973]
7. Scarface [1983]
8. Carlito's Way [1993]
9. Insomnia [2002]
10. Donnie Brasco [1997]

8. Albert Finney

Top 5 Performances:
1. The Dresser [1983]
2. Murder On The Orient Express [1974]
3. Saturday Night And Sunday Morning [1960]
4. Erin Brockovich [2000]
5. The Browning Version [1994]
6. Tom Jones [1963]
7. Big Fish [2003]
8. Under The Volcano [1984]
9. The Gathering Storm [2002]
10. Miller's Crossing [1990]

7. Daniel Day-Lewis

Top 5 Performances:
1. There Will Be Blood [2007]
2. My Left Foot [1989]
3. Gangs Of New York [2002]
4. A Room With A View [1985]
5. In The Name Of The Father [1993]
6. The Boxer [1997]
7. My Beautiful Laundrette [1985]
8. The Age Of Innocence [1993]
9. The Ballad Of Jack And Rose [2005]
10. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being [1988]

6. Paul Newman

Top 5 Performances:
1. Cool Hand Luke [1967]
2. Hud [1963]
3. Nobody's Fool [1994]
4. The Hustler [1961]
5. Road To Perdition [2002]
6. The Sting [1973]
7. The Verdict [1982]
8. The Color Of Money [1986]
9. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof [1958]
10. Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid [1969]

5. Marlon Brando

Top 5 Performances:
1. The Godfather [1972]
2. On The Waterfront [1954]
3. A Streetcar Named Desire [1951]
4. Burn! [1969]
5. Last Tango In Paris [1973]
6. The Ugly American [1963]
7. Viva Zapata! [1952]
8. Apocalypse Now [1979]
9. A Dry White Season [1989]
10. The Fugitive Kind [1960]

4. Jack Nicholson

Top 5 Performances:
1. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest [1975]
2. The Shining [1980]
3. The Last Detail [1973]
4. About Schmidt [2002]
5. Ironweed [1987]
6. Chinatown [1974]
7. As Good As It Gets [1997]
8. Five Easy Pieces [1970]
9. Easy Rider [1969]
10. A Few Good Men [1992]

3. George C. Scott

Top 5 Performances:
1. Patton [1970]
2. The Hospital [1971]
3. Dr. Strangelove [1964]
4. Anatomy Of A Murder [1959]
5. A Christmas Carol [1984]
6. The Hustler [1961]
7. They Might Be Giants [1971]
8. Hardcore [1979]
9. The New Centurions [1972]
10. Petulia [1968]

2. Toshiro Mifune

Top 5 Performances:
1. Throne Of Blood [1957]
2. Seven Samurai [1954]
3. Yojimbo/Sanjuro [1961-62]
4. Rashomon [1950]
5. Red Beard [1965]
6. The Quiet Duel [1949]
7. The Hidden Fortress [1958]
8. The Lower Depths [1957]
9. High & Low [1963]
10. The Bad Sleep Well [1960]

1. Gene Hackman

Top 5 Performances:
1. The Conversation [1974]
2. The Royal Tenenbaums [2001]
3. Unforgiven [1992]
4. The French Connection [1971]
5. Bonnie And Clyde [1967]
6. Mississippi Burning [1988]
7. Night Moves [1975]
8. Twice In A Lifetime [1985]
9. I Never Sang For My Father [1970]
10. Hoosiers [1986]

If you have any complaints, arguments, or comments on anything, give me your thoughts. Any actors you thought I overlooked, don't be afraid to mention. Thanks!


Sara C said...

Gosh I forgot about half of these people!! I've not seen much from Gene Hackman, Miffune or O'Toole but from the things I have seen of them I can completely see why they've made the cut! Thank you for putting me out of my misery. Excellent top 100!!! What's next...actresses? :p


Great list! I think Sayonara and Julius Caesar should be there instead of a Dry White season.

I will watch all these movies on all these lists in a year!

Jeff SC said...

Haha, you *really* should check out more from those guys, I couldn't stress that enough. And as for a follow-up, Colin suggested I do actresses, but I don't know... I haven't seen NEARLY as many great actresses as I have actors. If I did do one, it would definitely be much shorter, like maybe top 20. Thank you for reading, Sara! ;)

Sara C said...

Yeah I really want to! It's so hard to get everything I want to seen though! Hopefully in 20 years time...haha. Yeah that's the trouble, I think actresses would be a lot harder! I think when you weigh out the actors and actresses, actors come out weigh stronger in terms of ability. No problem, it's been thoroughly enjoyable!

Jeff SC said...

I was thrown off by Brando's southern accent in Sayonara. As for Julius Caesar, I own it, just haven't watched it yet. Haha, good luck with that, Rohit! It will be a looooong year :P

Jeff SC said...

Actresses would be impossible for me, haha. I doubt I could even name 100 actresses that I liked, and then add mini-lists to that... I wouldn't be able to come close to doing that in a way that I'd be satisfied with. But thank you Sara, it's been nice posting these things, and I'm glad at least a couple people have actually enjoyed reading them ;)

AdamMoody said...

Nice list man! Interesting choices, I disagree on plenty, but love just as much.

Jeff SC said...

Danke, Mr. Moody. Which ones in particular do you agree/disagree with?

Aditya Gokhale said...

This I like!

George C Scott and Mifune in the Top 3...
All the fanboys of new generation actors need a reality check and need to check out the work of these two great men!

This is a Grand Finale. Kudos man!..Great work!

But why do I recall you saying that you didn't like Pacino in The Godfather Part II earlier?

(P.S. Anyone having a problem or not receiving FB email alerts suddenly?? Or is it just me?)

Jeff SC said...

Thanks! I agree, more people need to look further into Scott's filmography than just Patton and Dr. Strangelove (which are the only movies he's in that anybody seems to have seen). And yes, I used to not care for The Godfather Part II, but I just watched it for the second time not so long ago, and found myself quite surprised by how much I liked Pacino in it.

Christian said...

I was so closed in guessing number one but it turned out to be #3 for George C. Scott. Excellent list, I must say. I disagree with some of your choices but your Top 10 is superb.

Nick L. said...

Wow. This was totally worth it in the end. Awesome top 10. I had a feeling Gene Hackman would be your number 1, though... I enjoyed this feature! Keep them coming!

Jeff SC said...

Not a bad guess, Christian! Thanks for reading ;)

Well, I do talk about Gene Hackman a lot, so it's a little shocking that nobody was guessing him at all. I guess that means you win the prize ;D Thanks for reading these posts, Nick, I appreciate it!

Myerla said...

Jack Nicholson is utterly sensational in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. How you made this list is beyond me. I can't even think of a top 5. I've followed you.